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run by Rachel Alexander (nee Tokunaga) Translator/Interpreter.

All images are Copyright of either John McCombe or David Alexander Photographer, Photosouth Photographers. All Rights Reserved.

David’s photographs have been used to tell the story of the  7.1 magnitude Earth Quake damage to Christchurch in news publications globally including The New York Times, National Geographic, The Guardian UK, Sydney Morning Herald, The Hindu, Time, The Asahi and many others....

Christchurch Earthquakes 4 September 2010 & 22 February 2011

Christchurch Earthquake, 22 February 2011

Lichfield Street, CBD, 4 Sept 2010.

Madras Street, CBD, 4 Sept 2010.

Barbadoes Street, CBD, 4 Sept 2010.

Manchester Street, CBD, 4 Sept 2010.

Colombo Street, CBD, 4 Sept 2010.

Colombo Street South,, 4 Sept 2010.

Manchester Street, CBD, 4 Sept 2010.

St John’s, Hereford Street, 4 Sept 2010.

Salisbury Street, 4 Sept 2010.

Worcester Street, 4 Sept 2010.

The Mayor Bob Parker and Prime Minister John Key view the damage, Worcester Street, 4 Sept 2010

Residents clear silt, Gayhurst Road, Sept 2010.

Damaged road, Avonside, Sept 2010.

Search dog, Barbadoes Street, Sept 2010.

Twisted footbridge, Avonside, Sept 2010.

Heaved up roadway, Kairaki Beach, Kaiapoi.

Residents clear possessions, Barbadoes Street, Sept 2010.

Quake damaged chimneys go under the USAR team’s hammers, Opawa.

Police help erect safety barriers, Lyttelton, Sept 2010.

Hills Road, Shirley, Sept 2010.

Officially tagged, Barbadoes Street.

Seed warehouse wreckage, Rolleston.

Onlookers watch the demolition of quake damaged shops Cranford Street.

Shops Demolished, Cranford Street.

A business owner weeps, Cranford Street.

The Mayor Bob Parker and Prime Minister John Key visit quake affected Brooklands residents.

The South Brighton bridge approach.

A rainbow over the earth quake ravaged City of Christchurch. 

A crushed car under rubble from the Christ Church Cathedral spire, CDB, Christchurch. 

Crushed cars Manchester Street, CDB, Christchurch. 

Liquefaction at QEII Park Stadium, Christchurch.

Bealey Avenue, Christchurch.

Rescue workers, CTV building site, CBD,  Christchurch.

St Elmo Courts demolition, CBD, Christchurch. 

Arts Centre damage CBD, Christchurch. 

Cnr Hereford and High Streets CBD, Christchurch. 

Centaurus Road, Christchurch. 

Fitzgerald Avenue, Christchurch. 

Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament, CBD, Christchurch. 

A Leaning Grand Chancellor Hotel,

CBD,  Christchurch.

Phil Heatley, housing minister,

inspects a coolstore, Woolston, Christchurch. 

Food for the needy, Aranui, Christchurch.

Rocks litter the Summit Road above Christchurch. 

A Leaning Grand Chancellor Hotel, CBD, Christchurch. 

Liquefaction silt dust envelopes the city fanned

by Nor West gales, St Albans, Christchurch. 

Messages, Knox Church, CBD,  Christchurch. 

Prime minister John Key, gives the Farmy

Army a hand, Linwood, Christchurch. 

Wrecked house, Marine Parade,

New Brighton,Christchurch.

Accommodation destroyed, CBD, Christchurch. 

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Picking up the pieces, CBD, Christchurch. 

Toppled piano, Christchurch.

Rescue workers, CBD, Christchurch. 

Dad and son liquefaction silt movers, Palmers Road, Christchurch. 

Mayor Bob Parker hugs his mum, Christchurch.

Fallen Monument, Cathedral Square CBD, Christchurch. 

Prince William at Command Centre, CBD,


Victims remembered, CBD, Christchurch. 

Food for the needy, Aranui, Christchurch.

Pita Sharples, Aranui, Christchurch.

Liquefaction silt coats roads in Dallington, Christchurch. 

Carlton Hotel, Papanui Road, Christchurch. 

The Quake damaged CBD, Christchurch.